– H.264 High Quality Video Compression
– Full Real-Time Live Display & Recording in SD(Standard Definition) (S1008/S1016)
– HDMI & VGA enabling superior picture output quality(1920x1080p)

– Privacy Masking (to protect individual life) and <Covert> feature available

– Perfect synchronized Audio Recording and Dual-Audio available too.
– Pentaplex (Live/Recording/Search/Network/Backup) and dual streaming of Network
– Look & Feel GUI…just the same GUI as PC window
<Look & Feel? Feature can choose your own GUI (like Window desktop theme)
– High-End Digital Zoom (Up to x10) to highlight HD-SDI
– UPnP(universal plug and play ) function and DDNS support
– Emergency Recording(Panic)
– Support various OS :Windows XP/Vista/7, and Mac OS
– Support various Mobile Platform : Iphone, Ipad, Android, Android Pad
– Various Remote Clients : Remote Live/Search/Setup, CMS, Backup Player
-Support various Brower(Web Client) : Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer(2012 3Q)


No. Part Name Functions
 – ODD(Cover) DVD & DVD-RW for backup
 – Direction / Select Button Used to change a value or move the cursor up/down/left/right. Selects a menu item or executes the selected menu
 – LED Indicator & IR Sensor Shows the status of Power, HDD and Network / IR Sensor
 – LAYOUT(Screen Division) Changes Screen Division
SEQ Each time you press the button in Live mode, the screen mode will be switched in sequence.
FREEZE Freeze the Live Display
PTZ Pop-up Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control Panel
ZOOM Pop-up Zoom Control Panel
SPOT Pop-up Spot Control Panel.
ALARM Pop-up ALARM Control Panel
SETUP Pop-up SETUP(ADVANCED) Control Panel
PANIC Start/End Emergency Recording Mode
USB Port USB connector port.
 – Number Key(1~0/+10) Used to select channel numbers directly in the Live Mode, or numbers in the numeric input mode.. (0/+10 : To input Plus 9.)
 – EVENT( ) Used for backward frame-by-frame search / Shows Event Search control panel.
FIRST( ) Used for quick backward search / Playback first recorded data
LASTEST( ) Pause Playback / Playback latest recorded data
LAST( ) Playback / Playback last recorded data.
CARENDAR( ) Used for forward frame-by-frame search / Show Calendar Search

Control Panel

STOP( ) Stop Playback.
 – MENU Show Menu.(the same as right button of mouse)
 – HOME Show HOME menu in task bar
 – ESC Cancel and Escape previous task
No. Part Functions
 – Power Switch Used to Power On/Off
 – VGA GA Video Signal Output Port
 – SPOT A live screen output port, separate from the VIDEO OUT.
CH’s SD Composite Video Signal Input Port (BNC type connector)
 – HD-SDI HD-SDI Video Signal Input Port
 – AUDIO Audio Signal Output Port (RCA jack)
 – HDMI HDMI connector port
 – RS-232 RS-232 Port (To debug)
 – USB Port USB connector port
 – LAN NETWORK(LAN) connector port.
 – ALARM IN Alarm Input port

(1~8 CH and G(ground).)

RS485 Used for RS-485 communication (TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-)
ALARM OUT Alarm Output port (NO+C Or NC+C)
 – DC 12V DC 12V Power Input Only